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Meet our Faculty

One of best things about UA Online that makes it unique from other online programs is the fact that courses are led by the same world-class faculty members who teach on our main campus. Our instructors are leaders in their fields, and are dedicated to helping each student learn, grow and attain their degree.

UA Online has an exciting, one-of-a-kind general education program called the “UA General Education Academy.” Through online learning communities, students create connections that enhance their critical and inquiring attitudes, appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of subject areas, acceptance of people of different background or values, and deepened sense of self.

General Education Academy Instructors:

  • Laura Lenhart: ESOC 150B1 – Social Media and Ourselves
  • Cheryl Knott: ESOC 210 – Hacking & Open Source Culture
  • Paula Decker: GEOG 170A1 – Introduction to Physical Geography
  • Vincent Del Casino: GEOG 251 – World Regions: Comparatives and Global Perspectives
  • Paul Milliman: HIST 160B2 – World History to 1600
  • Jim Washburne: HWRS 203 – Arizona Water Issues
  • Amy Fountain: LING 150A1 – Language
  • Brian Moon: MUS 109 – Rock and American Popular Music
  • Keith Pawlak: MUS 231 – Jazz History
  • Kayle Skorupski: NSC 170C1 – Nutrition, Food and You
  • Konden Smith: RELI 160D4 – World Religions