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Global & Intercultural Understanding (General Studies BGS)

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Emphasis on the increased study and application of a cultural and global perspective to historical and contemporary issues and concerns and an understanding of how the nations of the world are economically, politically, socially, and culturally interdependent.

Understand the customs, cultures, mores, practices, contributions, and struggles of peoples around the globe. Through ethnographic accounts, students are exposed to various ways of life across the world, and gain the academic preparation needed to succeed in an increasingly global workforce. The knowledge of culture, geography, history, literature, communications, and public policy gained with a Bachelor of General Studies with a concentration in Global and Intercultural Understanding forms a solid foundation for a variety of careers. A graduate in the Global and Intercultural Understanding concentration could work in international business, foreign relations, translation, outreach, or education. This concentration is also good preparation for law school and graduate studies in public administration, anthropology, international studies, and public health. General Studies, like many majors, teaches content and skills that can be applied to a wide variety of career fields.

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Bachelor of General Studies
Colleges Of Letters, Arts And Science